How to Batch Convert TIFF to PDF

Download TIFF to PDF Converter and install it on your computer. A free trial of the program is available for download. Select the TIFF images that you want to batch convert to PDF documents. Click on ADD FILES button and select TIFF files and add them to the list. You can also drag and drop TIFF files directly from the windows explorer.

TIFF to PDF Add Files Screen

After selecting TIFF files for conversion you can directly click on CONVERT button to start conversion. Before that you can change the options like output folder, output mode and compression. In the output mode option you can select convert single tiff to single pdf or multiple tiff to single pdf or single tiff to multiple pdf. You can use default options if you donít want to change anything.

TIFF to PDF Settings Screen

Now press CONVERT button to start conversion. You will get your PDF output in the output folder specified in the options.